A Collection of Thoughts

24 May

I’ve been saving a few articles over the past few months until I thought I had enough to create a post you could really sink you teeth into and seeing how I’ve been too busy to put words to the preverbal paper (I’ve got the pictures and the meals under my belt, oh ho ho, don’t you worry), today seems to be the day.

Go For Greens when Spring Comes to Market – Detroit Free Press

  • Remember that post I did for the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market? Well apparently it sparked some interest in our neighbor to the East (I’m talking about Detroit, obviously) and someone from the Free Press came down to our quaint market to do a little more research. Now Entering Flavor Country: inspiring the hearts and minds of Southeast Michigan.



10 Food That (Thankfully) Flopped – Neatorama

  • Some of these items are hilariously sad (a food product aimed at Single adults? Wasn’t that a staple of Edna Krabappel‘s diet?), and some of them were pulled before their time (I would get DOWN on some coffee-flavored Jell-O).



Eye Candy: 20 Visual Recipes – visual.ly

  • Food + Infographs = the perfect way to waste your afternoon



Healthy Baking Oil Substitutes – Excellent Eats

  • While this blog isn’t based necessarily around healthy cooking, I have used these tips quite a few times. And hey the less I have to refill my oil bottle the better (I purchased a giant tin canister of olive oil from Plum Market a while ago because it was $17 off!! However it makes the refill process of my pourable glass container quite messy)



27 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last as Long as Possible – Buzzfeed

  • If I had a dollar for every time I had to throw out some produce…wait, it’s more like “if I threw away a dollar for every time…”



World’s 50 Best Restaurants – Grub Street New York

  • I always love looking at these lists and planning out which ones I could conceivably go to even though we all know I’m too cheap to ever step foot in any of these establishments.



Why Your Dinner Doesn’t Taste as Good as it Looked Online – Buzzfeed

  • As a food blogger, this hit home. However, I now realize why my food photography doesn’t stack up against some of my “colleagues”, it’s because I spend MAYBE 90 seconds on my photo shoots because I’m ready to eat my camera by the time the food is ready. Bygones. 


Well, I hope this wasn’t too much of a cop out! I’ll be back (hopefully) soon a-posting away like I normally do, complaining about the impending heat and how much everything costs. Wow, I kind of suck, don’t I?

2 Responses to “A Collection of Thoughts”

  1. thefoodandwinehedonist May 24, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Nahhh ur awesome. And no need to apologize, I never do.

    Btw- what day of summer beer fest u going to? I got tix for Friday. (Notice I didn’t ask IF u were going?)

    • Now Entering Flavor Country May 24, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

      I’m glad you wrote this, because I’ve been saying “I’m going to Friday” but until about 30 seconds ago I hadn’t actually purchased my tickets. I am now OFFICIALLY attending the Friday session. I can just smell the blog gold now.

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