Far East Meets Deep South: Oven BBQ Chicken with Indian Potatoes

25 Feb

It’s potato time–again.  I’ve decided to bring in an aspect of globe trotting into my kitchen: the far east. I think I’ve mentioned my love of Indian food before, but I must proclaim it again: I love Indian food. The spices, the colors, the way you’ll smell for the rest of the day, and there is no way to get just “comfortably full” while eating it. Ahh yes, all this and more I love about it, and I wanted to bring it in to my home. So when I came across something called “Smashed Indian Potatoes” I flipped over my desk with excited strength and ran to the store. However, smashed potatoes by themselves does not a meal make. So after remembering I have a bottle of Big Moe’s barbecue sauce (if you’ve never had this Kalamazoo delicacy, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle and get ready to shotgun gallons of this sweet and tangy red sauce), I decided to make baked BBQ chicken. I present to you “Far East Meets Deep South: The Now Entering Flavor Country Story”


{ Food 52 – Smashed Indian Potatoes with Lazy Raita }

{ The Hungry Mouse – Oven-Baked BBQ Chicken }

Did I really have to look up a recipe for oven BBQ chicken? Yes. I have ruined a variety of chicken cuts through improper care (soupy bbq sauce from the fat drippings that turn into a gelatinous sludge, raw in the middle, just to name a few) so until I no longer feel like a baby bird about to fall into the fat house-cat’s waiting jaws below, I will continue to look up oven BBQ chicken recipes. And this one had just a few tasty steps, nice and east to follow: brown chicken, slather on sauce, bake, slather on more sauce, bake again, enjoy (with some more sauce on the side).


And yes, I needed to follow a recipe for all that, so drop it.

While the chicken is sizzling away, it’s Indian potato time. Now that I’m on what feels to be my 20th potato post (read: it’s been about 3), I was excited to see that this recipe called for a healthy dose of cauliflower to the tune of an almost 1:1 ratio to the potatoes. And I love cauliflower, so bring it on.

Cook the potatoes and give them a good mash, set aside. Sauté the cauliflower with sweet delicious Indian spices (while they give you a great list, I just use what I have like cinnamon, turmeric, curry, coriander, some chai spices, and whatnot), some onion, garlic, and ginger. Add FROZEN peas (which, coincidentally became my favorite part of this dish, as it adds the perfect little sweet snap to the bunch).


Now add the potatoes, some cilantro, and lemon. Taste. Adjust. Boom. Now for that lazy Raita? Mix salt, yogurt, cucumber, lemon, and cilantro together. Boom, you’ve been sauced.


And there you have it! A delicious wonder with the heart and soul of globe-trotting flavors with the effort of a lazy and lethargic recently-dumped college student (you’re welcome).

{ Food 52 – Smashed Indian Potatoes with Lazy Raita }

Lazy Raita

  • 1cup Plain Yogurt (I used non-fat Greek Yogurt)
  • 1/2Cucumber, peeled, seeded, and minced
  • a few sprigs of cilantro, chopped small
  • 1/2teaspoon cumin seeds
  • black pepper to taste
Smashed Indian Potatoes

  • 2large russet potatoes, peeled, cut into 1″ chunks
  • 3cloves garlic, minced
  • 1small yellow onion, diced small
  • 2cups cauliflower, broken into small florets
  • 1 1/2cup frozen peas
  • about 5tablespoons or so of olive oil
  • 2teaspoons fresh ginger, finely grated
  • 2teaspoons garam masala spice blend
  • 2teaspoons ground fenugreek seed
  • 2teaspoons ground turmeric root
  • 2teaspoons whole yellow mustard seed
  • 2teaspoons whole cumin seed
  • 1teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1handful fresh cilantro, coarsely chopped
  • juice of one lemon
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Boil potatoes until tender. Drain and set aside.
  2. In a large skillet, cook olive oil, garlic, onions, cauliflower, garam masala, fenugreek, turmeric, mustard seeds, cumin seed, red pepper flakes, and fresh ginger over medium heat. Stir until seasonings are well distributed. Salt and Pepper to taste. Cook until onions are translucent and cauliflower is almost tender. Add peas and cook for five more minutes. You may need to add a little more olive oil if things start to look dry.
  3. Add the vegetables and potatoes to a big bowl and stir until well combined. I stir quite vigorously, so that the potatoes get all smashed up.
  4. Add the chopped cilantro and lemon juice last and stir again. Salt and Pepper to taste and serve!
  5. To make the Lazy Raita: Combine ingredients and stir until well combined. Serve alongside or atop the potatoes and enjoy!



Full disclosure, I’ve made this 2 times now, the second time with just 1 potato and more peas. I. Love. It.

One Response to “Far East Meets Deep South: Oven BBQ Chicken with Indian Potatoes”

  1. The Posh Latin Cook March 15, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Very nice!!! I love love love Indian food! The smells you describes hit me through the screen. Now I smell cumin and can’t get it out of my head.

    Those dishes look amazing. Loving the smashed potatoes. I’m going to try that.

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