Sugar (and flour) Free Chocolate and Date Cake

20 Sep

I noticed my cooking has been lacking items of the sweet persuasion lately, so I decided to do something about it. While keeping a health-conscious hat on my head, I revisited { Green Kitchen Stories } to find this tasty little treat:

Sugar Free Chocolate and Date Cake – Green Kitchen Stories

After making two different cakes from this website, I have found a new appreciation for dates. They are a great way to give texture as well as sweetness to baked goods without the use of sugar. Similar to how pumpkin can be used as a great substitute for oil (don’t worry, I’ll be delving into pumpkin items later, and the uncanny LOVE women have for all pumpkin related items. Go ahead, prove me wrong).

So this recipe doesn’t use ANY sugar or flour, and after looking at the pictures on their website, I truly didn’t think there was any way it could actually have a cake-like texture, but I plowed on like the survivor that I am. Some of the items that give the most flavor to the cake:

I’m starting to really like dates. Someone pass this information on to John. BaZING!

Originally it calls for fresh dates, but I said “pshhht” and used dried dates rehydrated in water for an hour (and by hour I mean about 3 hours because I forgot about them) and unsweetened chocolate, but I used bittersweet chocolate (because unsweetened chocolate isn’t fun to snack on while you’re baking!). I also used the same chocolate bar from the few squares I put in the Romesco Sauce (2 birds, 1 stone).

First we do a quick processing of the dates and almonds (see picture below) and then add everything else.

I just realized, I probably have too many photos of things in my food processor. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to this shot!

Now I didn’t have great luck trying to pulverize these two together as the dates kept sticking together and getting wedged under the blades, so I added the lemon zest and juice, along with 2 of the eggs (and added some vanilla because yumm) to give it some liquidity and had much better luck. It also whipped up the eggs a bit, which I hope gave it some texture. Then after that all you do is mix everything together and bake. EASY! And while it was cooking, wouldn’t you know it, I found my camera tri-pod! Yes we’ve lived here over a month and still have tons of boxes left to open, and don’t I not have a job? Well I’d appreciate it if you to keep your judgey-jugdemental thoughts to yourself. Just look at how awesome the tri-pod makes everything look:

Boom. Diggety.

How does it have that texture?!

Another cutting board man, the best background for a photo shoot!

Great great cake! It’s not super sweet, but it’s sweet enough to be a post-meal treat, filling enough to be coffee’s counterpoint to breakfast, and accessible enough to eat all day. Love it. It’s really great warm and at room temperature, but after a day I put it in the fridge for fear of going bad. It was still fine after the fridge, but wasn’t AS good.

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