Patty Pan Squash and Fresh Herb Fritatta

5 Sep

So….this wasn’t originally going to be a post, it was just something I made for lunch, but it turned out SO well, I just had to make it into a post.

First, I must profess my love. My love of Patty Pan Squash. I mean, c’mon, IT’S CALLED PATTY PAN, how could you not fall in love with it? It’s small, cool-looking, brightly colored (yes yes, shallow about the squash, what can I say? It’s all about looks), and fun to cook with. I was leaving the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, basket full and headphones popped back in for my .4 mile walk home and I passed by 10’s of baskets full of these tinny little gems. “Oh Patty Pan Squash, how I love thee” I thought and kept walking. But then I saw the sign “Patty Pan Squash: $1” Well if that didn’t just make me stop dead in my tracks. Adorable produce AND for the price of a {insert fast food $1 menu item name here}.

I tried taking pictures of just the squash, but it didn’t do it justice. Hence the tomato-comparison.

The best part of this item is you don’t need to have anything in mind specifically when you purchase it. It goes with everything a normal squash would (don’t let the Patty Pan hear I referred to it as “non-normal”).

Today I just got back from the wednesday Farmer’s Market (and a supplemental trip to Meijer…I will eventually start going to the more local-focued markets once I GET A JOB, so stop judging!), with three recipes in mind (which you’ll be seeing shortly). It’s about 3pm, and all I ate today was some peanut-butter toast at 10am–jesus I can’t believe I’m having breakfast at 10am, I really need a job–so naturally I needed some sustenance.

Now my mom has been on a fritatta kick since she spent the month of July in Spain, but I’ve never ventured in that territory before. Wow, how easy. So as I’m unpacking my spoils of the market/Meijer trip

This is only the stuff from the Market, since no one really wants to see a picture of lunch meat, garbage bags, and toothpaste.

I start planning my fritatta, using the last of those cute-as-a-patty-pan squishes (refer to “squash” as “squish” for a good laugh), and just leave this horribly set-up photo shoot on the counter as I start my fritatta. Again, super crazy easy:

  • Sautee any type of veggie in a smallish pan (the pan size is going to be the size of your fritatta, think of it as a little cake. The smaller the pan, the thicker the fritatta. I say smallish now because it’s a one-person fritatta. Use a bigger pan for a multi-peron or multi-day fritatta), preferably cast iron, but definitely oven-proof. I used 5 patty pan squash cut into 6ths, and some thinly sliced onion, and sautéed them in a small dutch oven I have (har har).
  • Once the veggies are mostly cooked, add the eggs. I used 3 eggs beaten with a splash of milk, with fresh dill and tarragon (and salt and pepper).
  • Turn down the heat and add the eggs.
  • Turn on your broiler.
  • With a spatula, scrape the edges in and let the non-cooked watery egg-ness fall to the bottom of the pan (this cooks the eggs more evenly, and gives the fritatta more “pizazz”, or texture). Once the bottom seems somewhat set, 3-5ish minutes, add any preferred cheese (I used herbed Goat Cheese)
  • Take your pan, and put in in the oven under the broiler for about 4-5 minutes, or until the top springs up, and browns SLIGHTLY.
  • Boom.

With any type of egg dish I like to give myself a little side of avocados, because avocados and eggs are AMAZING. The creaminess of the avocados just plays so well with the eggs, I can’t even describe it. JUST TRY IT. And, hey-o, Meijer had a sale on avocados, 4 for $5. So I have 4 avocados. Obvs. I also DRENCH my eggs in the best hot sauce ever, Clancy’s Fancy. I’ve been in love with this stuff for years, and hey, it happens to be made in Ann Arbor. I am living in mecca. Not only is is hot, but it has really great flavor. And, yet another thing I do with my eggs, I always top them with diced tomatoes. I happen to have dy-no-mite yellow heirloom tomatoes, so guess what went on the top! Here are some photos of the “naked” fritatta, and the Erica-style fritatta.

Hide your Shame! You naked fritatta you…

You can’t see the Clancy’s Fancy..but trust me, it’s there.

So you can see why I just HAD to create a post about this mid-day eggy meal. Now, on to scones, corn salad, and more!

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