Slow Cooked Pork Tacos

3 Sep

My name is Erica. John (my boyfriend) and I have recently relocated to the Ann Arbor, MI area (John is getting his Master’s from the University of Michigan, School of Information, whatever that means), and while I’m still in “Quarter-Life Retirement” — read: unemployed while, at the same time, knowing no one anyone in the area…fun — I will be taking advantage of my free time with food, beer, running and most likely a little more beer.

But, I digress, back to the food.

Tacos Tacos Tacos.

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. My friend Lindsey and I originally made these this past Winter during a reoccurring event we called “Fancy Dinner” where we take all those dy-no-mite recipes that are always on Pinterest, and make them into a tasty reality. This website { } has been the source of many a fancy meal produced, so if you have not yet been there, I highly suggest you take a stroll. This is the type of dish that, if a grain of memory from eating it pops into your head, you MUST make it immediately.

Slow Cooked Pork Tacos courtesy of Food52

The first time I made this dish I happened to have Cumin and Coriander on-hand from a spice-sampler I picked up at a market in Montreal the previous year. I had never utilized these spices before, and once I unleashed their AWESOME flavor power, I went out and bought more immediately. Now, I’ve always been relatively cheap (read: Jewish/Israeli by blood) so dropping $5-ish on each spice was not something that was easy for me to do, but just utilizing it for this specific dish has made it all worth it.

Another awesome part of this dish is…

Red Onion. Cilantro. Cider Vinegar. Water. Sugar. Salt. Beets.
Microwave + Fridge

The above photo was taken while still in the microwave (I actually had to clean steam from the lens). You’ll notice my vigilance and attention to photo set ups is immaculate. These are amazing. Simply amazing. And easy! The recipe calls for an overnight marinating, and I have NEVER remembered to do it ahead of time, but the pork takes about 2 hours to cook, and I’ve always just set up the onions before I prepare the MEAT and they’re good to go once I’m in a state of panic because the food is ready and it’s not inside of me yet. But then again, when I’ve been preparing these tasty tacos the next day–

Sidenote. Another awesome thing is that this recipe makes SO much food! Between John and I, we always have leftovers. Even the first time we made this for “Fancy Dinner” we had leftovers after the 3 of us were done gorging. Also, there is no better feeling than opening up the fridge the next day and seeing a container full of succulent and expertly EXPERTLY cooked and seasoned meat and a container full of onions suspended in red tangy liquid and remembering “yes, I made those tacos last night. AND I SHALL NOW FEAST”

–the onions have a much more intense flavor since they have had nothing to do but meld with their surroundings.

And my last comment about these tacos is that I have stopped using them as tacos. What I mean by this is that the pork is too powerful for tortillas (read: rips right through them), and for some reason it seems like you can’t buy a package with less than about 85 tortillas in them, and said tortillas get sharp enough around the edges to cut your hands the second they hit the air. So I just make a plate, and dig in, sans tortilla. I guess you can do it that way if you’re carb/gluten/whatevs free as well. And so here we are, the inspiration vs. my blood, sweat, and more sweat (we don’t have air conditioning, so I was just covered in a fine sheen at the end of both cooking and eating these bad boys)

To be honest with you, I just plopped all the ingredients on the plate as quickly as possible because we were STARVING. I had also had wine…quite a bit of wine, hence the urgency of food-in-person wanting.

Welcome to Flavor Country!

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